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      Snack & Food

      Snack Vending Machines

      If you’re interested in setting up snack vending machines in public or private spaces, the team at Vends can provide quality solutions in Australia and New Zealand to meet your needs. Our automatic spiral vending machines and drum vending machines are suitable for various soft drinks, snacks and fresh products. We’re confident that people will be satisfied by the range of choices that our food and meal vending machines can dispense, as well as the ease with which they can be operated.

      How We Can Help

      Our snack dispenser machines boast striking designs and feature advanced operator technology. They also consume minimal energy and include an accessible user interface for ease-of use, making them ideally suited for many different environments and markets. Our range includes:

      • Candy vending machines
      • Chocolate vending machine
      • Fresh food vending machines
      • Combination vending machines

      From Easy 6000 GCD vending machines that can keep sandwiches fresh through to Power Lift automatic combo vending machines that can accommodate both foods and drinks, we have no shortage of available options.

      Learn More Today

      When you want snack and food vending machines, you can’t go wrong choosing Vends for the best solutions. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about what we can do and how we can help. Call us on 1300 135 515 or enquire online to receive a prompt and helpful response.

      Easy 6000 GCD
      Fas Combi
      Fast GCD
      Faster TM & TMT
      Power lift
      Skudo Max GCD
      Young GCD 170-183
      Young TMT
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