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      Hot & Cold

      Hot and Cold Vending Machine Options

      Do you want a hot and cold vending machine that gives people access to thirst-quenching drinks on demand? The team at Vends stock multiple drink vending machine solutions for you to choose from. Whether you want dedicated hot coffee vending machines for a private office to keep staff alert throughout the day or soft drink vending machines for a public space to serve chilled refreshing drinks, we have no shortage of solutions available across Australia and New Zealand.

      Discover Our Available Drink Vending Machines

      Our range of hot drinks vending machine and cold drink vending machine systems include:

      Winning GCD

      A programmable free standing coffee vending machine that combines quantity, quality and functionality in one

      FAS 500 T

      A hot beverage vending machine with a fully customisable user interface, 500-cup capacity, 8 containers for different beverages, built-in WiFi, and other features

      FAS 400 T

      Fully automatic hot beverage and espresso vending machines with 400-cup capacity, interactive interfaces, and 6 containers for a selection of drinks

      300 T SE

      A user-friendly table-top machine with cup height sensor that can dispense beverages into your own cup, ideal for offices and hotels

      FAS Combi

      A cold and hot food vending machine combined with cold and hot beverage dispensing features for a convenient two-in-one solution

      Enquire About a Hot or Cold Drink Vending Machine Today

      If you’re looking for coffee and soft drink vending machines for sale, there’s no better choice than Vends. Get in touch with us today for more information and further assistance. Simply call us on 1300 135 515 or submit an online enquiry.

      300 T SE
      Fas 400 T
      Fas 500 T
      Fas Combi
      Winning GCD
      Winning GCD
      Fas Combi
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