Hot & Cold Vending Machines

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Find the best quality hot and cold vending machines in Australia for your business this year. Whether you are looking for a hot & cold vending machine for schools, small offices, and shops, at Vends, we have an array of vending machines available for you. Keep your staff and customers hydrated with a refreshing beverage with our products.

Hot & cold vending machine for sale in Melbourne

Are you still using old, non-connected, mechanical vending machines? Maybe it’s time to consider our smart vending machines. We at Vends offer a selection of hot & cold vending machines so that you can choose the one that is best suited for your requirements.

Our Italian-manufactured vending machines are perfect for dispensing coffee or cold energy drinks. Designed with the latest technology, our programmable smart vending machines feature many embedded functionalities, such as a cup height sensor. They have friendly user interfaces, making them easy to operate by anyone. The best part is that since they are Wi-Fi-enabled, you can operate them with your smartphone anywhere, anytime.

Looking for hot & cold vending machines in Melbourne?

We are a trusted hot & cold vending machine supplier in Melbourne known for our quality products. Let us help you find the best machine for your situation. Our products are durable, and payment plans are flexible. We offer a money-back guarantee and 24/7 after-sale services for all of our products.

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