Cashless Vending

Cashless Vending Machines

The change in the landscape of vending machine industry in Australia, the cashless vending machines. They have provided customers with a more convenient option to purchase products through a vending machine.

If your business doesn’t possess cashless vending machines may hurt your business since effective vending machine management is crucial to boosting sales and is the foundation of any company’s success in Australia. After all, not everybody always brings cash and precise change to purchase a product from the vending machine. This should never, however, be an excuse for a lost transaction. With a vending machine accepting cashless payments, you can serve a larger customer base. Vending machines that accept no cash have been created and now play a significant role in companies in Australia and all over the world.

Looking for a cashless vending machine in Australia?

Vends is the place you need to reach out to.  We can give you the best cashless vending machine, customized to meet your requirements and budget. The solution is unique and updated. With Vends cashless vending machines nothing can beat you in the business.

The Benefits of Our Cashless Vending Payment System

  1. Strengthen your customer experience

You can give your consumers an enhanced user experience with our tap-and-go vending machines. We allow you the opportunity to accept whatever payment option from the client.

  1. Increase the sales

When you provide a cashless experience, you are providing the most convenient option for the shopping experience of the customers.

  1. Better Security

Our telemetry technology enables vending operators to safely oversee and control an Android Pay vending machine even from a remote location in Australia.

  1. Close Monitoring

From where ever you are, you can easily access audit and management data using our solutions to optimize your user experience and business performance. You may adjust your machine to gather information about customer demand and stock more preferred products as a result.

As the leading vending machine solution provider in Australia, we provide the most convenient options for you, whether you prefer a PayPass vending machine that accepts credit cards or a contactless vending machine that works with mobile phone apps.

Your enterprise will undoubtedly benefit greatly from using our vending machine credit card reader. Customers are more at ease making vending machine purchases thanks to our solutions since they recognize they are doing it over a highly secure payment system.

And this is not complicated as it sounds. We will take care of all the hassles and all you have to do is to tell us what to do or what you need. Call us on 1300 135 515 or drop an email to us at info@vendcell.com.au we will reach out to you in no time.