If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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      Service Bookings

      Does your vends need to be repaired or serviced? Does it need to go for a scheduled maintenance check? Then book a vending machine service today.

      With our experience, strong knowledge about our product range, and solid technical support team, we have managed to build an excellent reputation in the vending industry. Thus, you can always trust our vending machine solutions.

      Vending Solutions Made Accessible

      As one of the country’s leading vending machine suppliers, vends offers high-quality vending solutions for workplaces or establishments. And we don’t just end there. We also back our products with strong technical support to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

      While we are confident about the quality, performance, and workmanship of our vending machines, we cannot avoid the fact that repairs might be needed at times. It could be an accident may have caused a vending machine to malfunction. It could also be a case of a natural calamity. Regardless of the reason, your vending machine has stopped working, our team is more than willing to help.

      Book A Vending Machine Service Today

      If you need your vending machine to be repaired, then schedule a service today. Please fill out the form below as we will use the information to diagnose the issue.

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